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Spirit of Eureka Charter

Spirit of Eureka Charter: Our vision for an independent Australia

We draw our inspiration from the fight for justice, democratic rights and a sovereign Australia at the 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion in Ballarat, Victoria.  We acknowledge that the Eureka rebellion took place on the stolen land of the Wadawurung people, never ceded.

More than 20 nationalities united under the Eureka flag embodying the spirit of Australia’s multiculturalism. Eureka rebellion has become a national symbol for all of us who value and fight for justice, unity and a vision for an independent Australia, free from control by big powers.  We pay tribute to the men and women of the Eureka Stockade rebellion whose fight for justice and solidarity continues to inspire many across the country.

  • We acknowledge the First Peoples’ sovereignty of the Australian continent and its coastal waters. We recognise Indigenous Peoples as the traditional carers/owners of this land, and support their strivings for community control of their affairs and just Treaties to end their dispossession and discrimination.
  • We stand for an independent Australian republic that upholds national sovereignty, democratic rights and civil liberties, particularly the right to organise and protest against oppression and injustice.
  • We support the right of all people to secure and safe livelihoods, decent living standards and dignified retirement.
  • We uphold the rights of all women in social, political, economic, legal, domestic and cultural activities. We condemn sexual discrimination, exploitation, harassment and violence against women, in all forms.
  • We support the right of all people to decent, affordable housing, free public health care, free public education, and free public childcare. Infrastructure and community services such as public transport, energy, telecommunications, postal services, water and social services must be publicly owned and serve the people.
  • We fight for the rights of workers and unions to take political and industrial action, including the right to strike, to defend and improve working conditions and living standards, for social justice, for protection of the environment, against imperialist wars and in solidarity with struggles for justice in other countries. We oppose industrial relations laws that weaken and remove the rights of workers and unions. We promote an independent working class agenda and movement that is not dependent on parliament and the fortunes of parliamentary parties. One that builds and unites a powerful people’s movement of workers, unions, rural and city communities, farmers, migrants, women, environmentalists and peace groups.
  • We oppose foreign ownership of Australia’s key industries, financial institutions and banks, and agriculture. We call for the public ownership of Australia’s natural resources – ores, minerals and water, to benefit the people and protect the environment, not multinational profit-driven corporations.
  • We call on governments to heavily invest in building and strengthening self-reliant, value-adding, sustainable agricultural, manufacturing and maritime industries in Australia that guarantee secure jobs and national sovereignty. We oppose our manufacturing industries being restructured into offensive, not defensive, weapons production for profiteering military-industrial corporations and their wars of aggression.
  • We oppose national chauvinism and support a multicultural Australia which outlaws all discrimination, including that based on race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity or sexual preferences. Australia should welcome and support refugees and asylum seekers fleeing wars, oppression and environmental disasters due to climate change. In 1854 the Eureka rebels declared “the Eureka flag as the refuge of all oppressed from all countries on earth”.
  • We call for urgent action to reverse the devastating effects of climate change and for immediate implementation of measures to repair and protect the environment, with emphasis on new, environmentally sustainable industries that will create jobs. This includes compelling polluting businesses and corporations to pay for repairs to the environment.
  • We campaign for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy that promotes peace, justice and sovereignty for all countries. We call for the closing of all foreign military bases in Australia, ceasing joint military exercises for wars of aggression, and ending the US-Australia Alliance. We call for Australia’s independence from all big power domination.

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”        Eureka rebels’ solidarity oath.  29 November 1854

Irrespective of nationality, religion, and colour to salute the Southern Cross (Eureka) flag as the refuge of all oppressed people from all countries on earth.”

Raffaelio Carboni, one of the Eureka Stockade rebel leaders.  29 November  1854.

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