Eureka Day

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Past Eureka Day anniversary commemorations organised by the Spirit of Eureka


      2018 crowd.jpg - 124.72 KB    2019 Melb Eureka Day 2017_SoE_A 

      Melb Eureka Dinner 2018        Melb Eureka Dinner 2019        Melb Eureka Dinner 2017

   Eureka Dinner 2016 Aaron C                            

    Adel Eureka Dinner 2016          Melb Eureka CUB Victory 2016       Melb Eureka Dinner 2015    

Melb Eureka Dinner Adl Eureka Dinner

  Adel Eureka Dinner 2015      Melb Eureka Dinner 2014       Adel Eureka Dinner 2014                       

Eureka Day 2013     Eureka Day 2012     Eureka Day 2011     Eureka Day 2010     Eureka Day 2009               

Eureka Dinner 2013  SA Parliament 2012  SA Parliament 2011   SA Parliament 2010        SA Parliament 2009     





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