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Media Release – Julian Assange suffers ‘prosecution by process’, for nearly 11 years! 27 October 2021

This media release came from the Alliance Against Political Persecutions

27 October 2021

Supporters will gather at the Parliament House lawns in Canberra at 1pm today to protest the continued efforts by the US to extradite Assange.  ‘Julian Assange’ will be present in his orange prison clothes and chains.

“We deplore the lack of action of the Australian government to bring him home,” said Kathryn Kelly, Co-convenor,  Alliance Against Political Prosecutions. “Scott Morrison should pick up the phone to President Biden and call in a favour to get him home.”

“It is outrageous and a travesty of justice that he is still being kept in jail in the UK after he won the case against his extradition earlier this year.”

“He faces jail for 175 years if he loses.  His partner, Stella Moris, has called this punishment by process.  The case should never have been started and he hasn’t seen freedom for nearly 11 years,” said Ms Kelly.

“This prosecution is purely political and a sham, especially following the admission of a key witness that he lied.”

“The revelations by former US officials admitting the CIA considered murdering Assange, mean that charges should be laid against those who were plotting murder. The US Congress is reportedly investigating CIA plans to kidnap and kill Julian Assange, as it should,’ Ms Kelly said.

Live: Assange supporters rally in London

Supporters of Julian Assange rally in London on Saturday, October 23 to demand justice for the activist. Protesters are expected to march towards London’s High Court amid concerns about the WIKI-Leaks’ founder’s deteriorating health. Assange is currently held in a UK prison, pending the outcome of the US’s attempt to have him extradited on espionage charges.

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