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Film Clip: It’s Time To Raise Newstart

A 60-person choir, which includes unemployed people, pensioners, single parents, and workers who believe in a “fair go” for job-seekers, has formed to rework the iconic “It’s Time” theme song, used by the Labor Party and Gough Whitlam in the 1972 federal election. Drawing influence from the sentiment of the classic jingle, the choir released this music video to tell the nation that it’s time to take raise Newstart.

For over 24 years the Newstart Allowance has seen virtually no increase. Unlike giant foreign monopolies such as EXXON, who siphon away huge profits overseas, pay no tax in Australia and drive down their worker’s wages. The unemployed are portrayed as leaners and penalized into poverty, rather than as victims of a system that can’t provide decent employment and social services. Spirit of Eureka congratulates the Anti-Poverty Network in South Australia for its great work amongst the unemployed and the campaign to raise the Newstart Allowance.

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