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Tax must be paid where profits are made

Mossac Fonseca

Mossac FonsecaThis article was a leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka – NSW

Finally, truth is getting out. Recent leaks show:

  • 11.5 million secret files from just one company, Mossack Fonseca, which organises corporate tax avoidance in the British Virgin Islands where 500,000 companies are registered for a total population of only 20,000;
  • over $50,000,000,000,000 profit worldwide that escapes taxes;
  • empty ‘shell’ companies, with directors & shareholders called ‘nominees’ set up to hide the real owners.

Journalist Marian Wilkinson describes it as “tax avoidance on an industrial scale”.

Wilson SecurityBHP Billiton, Wilson Security (with $400 million in Australian government contracts), plus one of the biggest foreign corporations in Australia are implicated, along with 800 individual Australians.

Remember the multinational corporate spokespeople who make billions here, but refused to answer our elected Senate?

All these corporate tax-avoiders are crooks. Their victims include the kids who won’t get education they need, and the sick who have to wait for hospital treatment because Australia is ‘too poor’.

It’s time to change the law to make them pay!

Turnbull dumps our kids

The big four accounting firms, Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG, assist multinationals to minimise tax, while simultaneously advising the government on tax policy.

Three of them, along with mega tax-dodger Google, also help fund the Grattan Institute, which churns out ‘research’. Grattan’s education report was used to justify dumping Gonski.

Their narrow study doesn’t compare to the 7000 submissions that David Gonski’s team received. Many came from researchers with infinitely stronger educational backgrounds than Grattan’s. Gonski’s team also spent 18 months seeing first-hand the true state of Australian schools.

Prime Minister Turnbull dumped the simple Gonski school funding model that supports every child, but gives most to those with the greatest needs.

“We’re not wedded to…the ‘full Gonski’, whatever that means,” he said. But he’s gone so far that even Grattan’s people are attacking his decision.

Turnbull would rather cut our kids’ futures than tax his corporate mates.

Give our kids a future.

Get the truth out and help end corporate tax dodging that robs Australians of billions.

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