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Drones allow the U.S. to conduct a dirty war worldwide

Jeremy Scahill

Jeremy ScahillJeremy Scahill, the National Security Correspondent for ‘The Nation Magazine’ and author of the book ‘Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield’, recently participated in this years Sydney Writer’s Festival. His book deals with the US Drone programme and now has been turned into a film documentary, entitled ‘Dirty Wars’.

In a videoed interview with Ellen Fanning for Radio National’s Breakfast programme Scahill explains how the United States President and the whole security apparatus go about their drone attacks on selected targets throughout the world.

Dirty WarsTwo Australians, Christopher Havard and Darryl Jones were killed in Yemen, November last year as part of an ‘anti-terror operation’.

They are the first Australians, who allegedly were among five other members of al-Qaedaever, to be killed by a US Drone attack.

Scahill questions the legality, accountability and transparency of the US Drone progarmme and the Australian Government’s complicity and subservience to the US war machine.

View the video below:




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