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Don’t sign the TPPA – Defend Australia’s sovereignty and our democratic rights!

TPP Protest Canberra

This short article was handed out as a leaflet at rallies that were recently held in cities around the country against the TPPA.

TPP Protest CanberraThe TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is a so-called ‘free’ trade agreement vigorously pushed by the US and its multinational corporations on Australia and 10 other Pacific Rim countries.

The US driven TPP is only about giving multinational corporations more freedom to exploit people and plunder the environment. 

Under the TPP more local jobs will vanish.  Our hard won wages, working conditions and workplace rights will be attacked, even harder.  More local jobs, skills, scientific and technical expertise will be trampled down or sent overseas.

Our environment will be trashed by the plunder of multinational mining corporations.

Australia’s manufacturing, services and agricultural industries will be wiped out.  The livelihoods of local farmers and rural communities will be destroyed.  Public health and public education will be gutted.   The cost of medicines will go up.  Food labelling would no longer be enforceable.

The cost of living for the people will go up.  Local culture and the livelihoods of our cultural workers will be drowned by the flood of imported US commercialised “culture”.

Multinational agri-business corporations will overrule our standards on clean, safe and GM free food.

The TPP is being negotiated in secrecy hidden from public scrutiny and even parliament.

 The TPP is a Bill of Rights for the Multinational Corporations’ Plunder

Foreign investors, multinational corporations and foreign banks will be empowered to sue our governments for hundreds of millions of dollars where local laws and regulations restrict their profit making.

Tell the government “don’t sign TPP!”

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Article in PDF

 Opposition to TTP in Australia – websites:  www.tppaustralia.org   www.aftinet.org



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