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Refugees are Welcome – US Marines in Darwin are not!

Give 'Em The Boot

This statement by Spirit of Eureka (Vic) will be distributed at Melbourne’s Palm Sunday rally

Independence for Australia – Keep Australia Out of US wars

Give 'Em The BootWars of aggression, foreign occupations and ethnic cleansing – imperialism – turn tens of millions of ordinary people into refugees fleeing death, persecution and suffering.

The US is leading most of these wars today, directly or by proxy.

Successive Australian governments have been under the thumb of US foreign policies. Our military forces are deeply integrated into US global war plans and current wars.


The Australian government is spending billions hosting 2,500 US marines. Darwin is now a US military base on standby to launch war in the Asia-Pacific against North Korea and China.

Refugees must obey all Australian laws; US marines in Darwin are exempt from some of our laws!

Admiral Harry Harris, the former commander of the US Pacific Fleet, and new US ambassador to Australia, is advocating war against North Korea and China.

Spirit of Eureka supports the campaign by the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network calling for the removal of US marines in Darwin and an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy.

Spirit of Eureka calls for removing US bases from Australia and for an end to the US-Australia military alliance.

Join the campaign US Marines Out of Darwin – Give ‘em the Boot

giveemtheboot2@gmail.com     www.facebook.com/giveemtheboot

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