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Holden Car Bodies

 Collated and authorised by the never-died collective



Holden Car Bodies


Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) sets up under false pretenses.

21 December: Gov. Macquarie adopts the name ‘Australia’.


March: Federal Council formed.

Victoria imposes first tariff on imports.

Pacific islanders bought for £7.

17 June: birth of Henry Lawson:

“I was born on Grenfell Flat

And you can’t get over that…”


 28 January: Archbishop Mannix speaks of ‘a sordid trade war’.

7 February: National Party forms.

17 February: National pro-war government forms.

5 May: National Party wins Federal election with 53%.

2 August to 9 September: NSW rail strike, 70,000 strike, 24 unions deregistered.

12 December: Commonwealth Police formed after an egg hurled at PM Hughes in Warwick.

20 December: Second Conscription defeat greater at 53.79% ‘NO’ vote.

South Australia bans German from schools and changes 42 place names.

Holden moves from making carriages to car-bodies.

Tourist resort at Umbigumbi, now Surfers Paradise.

August: Henry Handel Richardson publishes Australia Felix, first volume of The Fortunes of Richard Mahony.

C. J. Dennis, publishes The Glugs of Gosh:

“Strong is my arm if the cause it be man’s

But a fig for the cause of a cunning old king…”


January: The AWU affiliates with the ACTU.

Anti-war conference Sydney in wake of election disaster.

Vietcong flags first appear at East Coast protests against Hitler-loving Air Vice-Marshall Ky.

R&R for U.S. troops in Sydney.

CSIRO releases dung beetle.

7 February: protests at Ronald Ryan hanging.

8 February: Whitlam Federal ALP leader.

Seamen’s Union refused to man ships carrying war materials against the peoples of Indo-China.

March: A year after strike Gurindji occupy Wave Hill:

“S’pose we buyin’ back country

What you reckon proper fee

Might be plour, chugar and tea

From the Gurindji to Lord Vestey…”

27 May: Referendum did not grant citizenship or the vote.

One of only two feature films made this year, Journey out of Darkness, set in 1900, has a white man in black face play the lead Aboriginal part while Kamahl takes the other in a script by the co-author of Casablanca.

July: Monash Labor Club raises ‘unspecified’ funds for the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam.

“My name is Ho Chi-Minh

And in Vietnam I will stay.

They want me to surrender,

But we don’t do things that way…”

9 September: Federal Parliament passes Defence Force Protection Bill to prevent aid going to the Viet Cong.

9 September: Police attack Brisbane students.

Arbitration Court backs bosses’ demand to abolish margins.

Lake Pedder’s status as National Park revoked.

15 November: 27 Left Unions split from Grouper-led Victorian Trades Hall Council.

17 December: Harold Holt swallowed by yellow submarine.


Simon Bolivar


31 October: Martin Luther nails 95 Theses against the sale of indulgences.

Eight years later urges princes to kill peasants.


English South Sea Company starts selling African slaves to Spanish America.


Sir James Stuart, Principles of Political Economy.


4 March: Britain suspends Habeas Corpus to suppress rebels.

Bolivar returns to Venezuela.

David Ricardo, Principles of Political Economy.

G.F.W. Hegel, Encyclopedia.


29 March: U.K. pushes through Federation of Canada to prevent its seizure by U.S.A. after it buys Alaska from Russia.

September: 1,000 copies of Das Kapital published in Hamburg.


January: Germany offers to restore south-west to Mexico in exchange for a military alliance against the U.S. of A.

Mexico nationalises natural resources, promises land redistribution and public education.

15 August: Oscar Romero born El Salvador; assassinated at the altar. 24 March 1980; Pope Benedict holds up Beatification of martyr.

10 September: Sun Yatsen establishes government as first President of the Republic of China.

U.S .of A.

US Capture Guantanamo Bay Cuba

22 January: Wilson’s lays his Ten Points for U.S. new world order.

March: Marines invade Cuba and occupy Guantanamo Bay till late May.

1 April: First National KKK convention.

2 April: The U.S. (and Cuba) declare war on Germany to make democracy safe for big capital.

28 July: NAACP rallies 10,000 in NY City to make America safe for democracy.

6 November: New York grants women’s suffrage.

Great War

Keil Mutiny

Jan-Feb: U.K. endorses Japanese takeover of German concessions in China.

11 April: Independent Labour Party in Germany.

20 May:  French mutinies.

19 June: Royal parasites rebrand themselves as Windsor sausage.

19 August: Reichstag passes Peace Resolution.

19-22 August: Mutinies in German fleet.

2 November: U.K. promises Lord Rothschild a Zionist entity in Palestinian homeland.


Red Guard Vulkan Factory

8-14 February: Widespread revolts.

Czar abdicates; Kerensky forms lemonade government.

16 June: All-Russian Congress of Soviets.

16 July: Bolshevik coup fails.

7 November: Bolshevik coup succeeds.

‘Surrealism’ coined for Picasso’s décor for Satie’s Parade; follows Dada from 1916 – a phrase used by Marx in 1860 because, as he wrote, ‘it puzzles the Philistines and is comical … It pleases me, and it fits my system of mockery and contempt.’


Warning of greenhouse effect.

Warning of spread of resistance from feeding antibiotics to other animals.

Chilean land reform speeded up.

Mexican artist, David Siqueiros awarded Lenin Peace Prize.

6 June: Six-Day war leads to the second and on-going Catastrophe of the Occupation.

U.S. of A.

Martin Luther King

4 April: Martin Luther King calls for conscientious objection to Vietnam war.

Summer Riots in 40 cities.

12 May: H. Rap Brown chair of SNVCC; arrested and accused of inciting riot in Maryland; Congress passes the H. Rapp Brown law making it an offence to cross a State line to stir up divine discontent.


Workers Shanghai

January: Workers take control of Shanghai factories.

17 June: Explodes H-bomb.

350 million copies of Little Red Book.

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