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2016 South Australian “Spirit of Eureka Award’ Winners

The South Australian 2016 Spirit of Eureka Award went to Jeanie Lucas and Mike Khiizam. Below is the tribute given by Stephen Darley.

Mike Khizam and Jeanie Lucas have been the heart and soul of both NoWar and Australian Friends of Palestine (AFOPA). The biggest demonstration in South Australian’s history, the 100,000 people who rallied against the Iraq Invasion in February 2003, had a great deal to do with their leadership of and dedication to the anti-war coalition group, NoWar. For years afterwards Mike was the inspirational chief spokesperson, and Jeanie the indispensible secretary of NoWar, showing how all the destruction, oppression and greed for power and resources of that invasion played out. Then Jeanie and Mike shifted their focus to AFOPA, and performed similar roles – fighting US and Zionist lies playing down the evils of the Israeli apartheid state and initiating the regular and very successful BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) actions in  Rundle Mall. Lately they brought together a group of activists to start Chilcott OZ, and campaign to bring leaders like Howard to account for the Iraq Invasion, establish an inquiry into its origins, and ensure only parliament in full session can commit Australia to war in the future.

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