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How to fix a Royal Commssion

Dyson Abbott

Dyson AbbottCompiled by Humphrey McQueen


RULE TWO:  STUFF HIS EARS WITH MONEY  –  $5-6,000  a day

RULE THREE:  RIG HIS TERMS OF REFERENCE  –  blind your boy to criminal bosses

See no evil in Grocon.  Hear no evil of Transfield.  Speak no evil of Boral.



Dyson Heydon is the most extreme right-winger ever on the High Court. And that’s saying something given some of the reactionary swine there since 1903.

1999: He was ordered to repay $7m. for his bad legal advice to the NRMA in 1994 : “colleagues say that Heydon, known to have a ferocious temper and a good command of a wide array of swear words, would be furious.” [SMH 14.5.99, p. 9]

How can Heydon pretend to be unbiased when he got twice as much from one job as a worker could earn in two life-times? He stands to make more out of this Commission than a construction worker could earn in lifetime of wage-slaving till he was seventy.

1996: Howard on the hunt for Big-C Conservatives to stack the High Court.

30 October 2002: Heydon touts for a spot on the bench with a speech to the ratty right-wing monthly, Quadrant. It had been set up in the 1950s by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. With Howard in the audience, Heydon accuses the High Court of destroying ‘the rule of law’. He opposed providing counsel for the accused in murder trials.

Howard lands a gigantic-R REACTIONARY.

December 2002: Howard unleashes Heydon as the bosses’ latest judicial attack dog on. On the bench, Heydon does everything his masters want.  He interprets the ‘rule of law’ to mean that rulers can do whatever they like.

2005: He backs Howard’s WorstChoices attack on workers.

2011: He upholds NSW bikie laws.

2013: He takes the cake for the highest rate of dissent on the Court; always taking the most extreme reactionary line.

October 2013: Retires, pissed off that Howard lost in 2007 and so could not appoint him him Chief Justice.

He takes out his frustrations in a stream of abuse against his fellow right-wing judges as ‘overbearing’ and ‘The enemy within’. His picture of them as ‘utterly confident of their own ability, pretty sure that no other judge has yet grasped the key point’ is an exact self-portrait.

March 2014: heads Royal Commission into Trade Union governance and corruption.

April 2014: Sucks up to Abbott with a speech to the ultra-right think-tank, the Centre of so-called Independent Studies which is totally dependent on the big end of town. Heydon claims that criticism of Abbott’s religious prejudices is like Nazi attacks on Jews.

August 2015: Exposed delivering Liberal Party lecture in honour of Barwick who conspired with fellow U.S. spook Kerr to protect CIA assets at Pine Gap by sacking Whitlam.

June 2016: Queen’s Birthday Honours: Heydon becomes ‘Panto Dame’ Dyson for his services to the arse-licking of Liberal leaders and to the boss-class.

Question: Is Heydon’s hypocrisy and foul-mouthed arrogance huge enough for his Report to attack workers for using the f-word?        

Answer: You bet.



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