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ILPS Australia holds 4th National Assembly

ILPS Australia

by International League of People’s Struggle Australia Chapter

The ILPS is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation. It promotes, supports and develops the anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples of the world against imperialism and all reaction

ILPS AustraliaWe representatives of peoples organisations which make up the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) Australia, have met at our National Assembly on the 5th of April 2015, to consider the situation facing the Australian people and the people of the world and to consider our programme for the period ahead.   

The 4th National Assembly of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS), Australian Chapter, takes place in circumstances of a worsening crisis of global capitalism on the one hand and the growing mobilisation of the people, including the Australian people against the attacks on their living and social condition, democratic and human rights, on the other.

The global capitalist system remains in the doldrums years after the global economic crisis. Unemployment is growing, poverty is worsening, growth is virtually stagnant, despite massive programmes of so called “quantitative easing” that is, money printing etc. in attempts to pump prime their economies.

There are huge mass movements developing in many countries against the policies of so called “austerity” as part of the programme of imperialism, which uses “neo liberalism” to force the working class and the poor to carry even greater burdens in the ongoing capitalist crisis.

Imperialism, particularly United States Imperialism, is carrying out a relentless campaign of aggression against, and subversion of the people in many countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

This US Imperialist drive for world domination, which includes it’s growing conflict with other centres of capital such as Russia and China, is witnessing a growing mass opposition of the people of the globe to wars of aggression, to interference in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, to US Government sanctioned murder via it’s drone and other programmes, and to its military bases and facilities in other lands.

In the circumstances of the worsening economic global crisis and the intensified drive to war and aggression by imperialism, it is clear that we are witnessing a growth in the activity and mobilisation of the Australian People on a huge range of issues including opposition to the cuts to government services, against even more savage cuts being proposed by the government, against foreign military bases and for an independent foreign policy and against imperialist wars and aggression in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in Latin America and elsewhere.

The vigorous opposition by the Australian people against the proposed attack on living standards ,social conditions and social rights, which has included mass demonstrations and street protests, public meetings, exposure of the lies perpetrated by Authorities about the Government’s finances, widespread protest publicity, has so far prevented the worst attacks proposed by Government, and thus the ruling class have suffered a serious setback in their attempts to force more severe cuts on peoples social conditions.

In these developing circumstances ILPS Australia will focus its efforts on the following main areas, as decided upon by the conference, in the following resolutions.

1. This 4th ILPS Australia National Conference recognises the 227 years of colonial occupation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ lands and waters and the continuing dispossession and oppression of Australia’s indigenous peoples, who never ceded their sovereignty.

We pay tribute to their historical and continuing resistance as the first defenders of Australia’s sovereignty from the onslaught of colonialism and imperialism.

The Indigenous Peoples of Australia were attacked through the 127 years from 1788 to 1915 in the frontier wars.  Many Australians do not know, or do not want to know about these, the first wars of Australian history. But the many victims, too many unknown, too many women and children: we remember them.  The custodians of the lands that we now walk upon, and profit from, we remember them. Lest we forget.   

2. That ILPS Australia supports all demands and struggles of the people for an independent and peaceful foreign policy.

In particular, ILPS Australia calls for the dismantling of the aggressive US Alliance, the closure of US military bases and facilities in Australia, and an end to the integration of Australian military forces into the US war machine.

We condemn moves to more closely engage Japanese militarism with the US Alliance by joint military exercises and the construction by Japan of Australia’s next submarine fleet.

We reject both the increasing economic domination of US imperialism by the TPP and the increasing US military domination of Australia.   

3. That ILPS Australia, reiterates its statement on budget cuts and the winding down of welfare and community services (humane conditions achieved by Australians in the last 45 years through parliamentary and executive decisions) constituting State attacks on the most disadvantaged people, including the first peoples’ of Australia and migrants, and promote this to its member organisations as a basis for their position and organising.   

4. ILPS will continue to campaign against any attempts by governments to intensify its passing the burden of the capitalist crisis onto the shoulders of the working class. This will include taking part in the growing number of demonstrations and rallies by the Australian people.

5. In this month, April 2015, we remember the 100 years of ANZAC’s involvement in World War 1. So many Australian working men and women suffered so much and paid such a high price during the years of the First World War.

The ILPS Australia – 4th National Assembly participants acknowledge that World War 1 after all was an imperialist war. The workers were cannon fodder. The Australians who opposed the war, and opposed forced conscription were vilified. We pay tribute to their courage and resistance.   

6. ILPS Australia condemns the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal as a US corporate power grab against the democratic sovereignty of participating countries. ILPS Australia urges its member organisations to join the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) and to take part in protest activity on April 16, 2015 and during the TPP Ministerial Meeting around May 24-25, 2015.   

7. That ILPS Australia condemns the policies of the WA and other state governments in cutting funding to ‘remote” aboriginal communities resulting in their forced closure. We also condemn the support given by the Federal government to the West Australian government  policies, and Prime Minister Abbott’s comments describing these communities as a “lifestyle choice.” We pledge solidarity with those campaigning against forced closures.   

8. That ILPS Australia promotes and supports the peoples’ struggles and strivings for genuine peace and justice in the Asia pacific region. In particular we support the work of the Independent Peaceful Australia Network.(IPAN). We condemn the US military pivot into Asia Pacific and encourage the development of a broad united peoples’ movement to close down foreign military bases and remove foreign troops from the Asia-Pacific region.   

9. The ILPS Australia expresses its unreserved support for the political ambitions of the people of West Papua for freedom and justice and to exercise their right to self-determination. It supports the Federal Republic of West Papua’s request that Indonesia releases all political prisoners in West Papua and bring to justice all perpetrators of human rights violations.   

10. On Labour export and migrant workers; ILPS recognises imperialism creates massive plunder and poverty and inequality between peoples and nations.  In this context, the export of workers from developing countries is a sign and symptom of imperialist plunder.  We struggle for a world where justice reigns and no one will be forced to leave their family and their country for basic survival.  No one will be trafficked to work in exploitative and poorly paid employment overseas.

While this condition of imperialism exists, ILPS Australia condemns the exploitation of migrants on temporary workers’ visas.  These are forms of bonded labour and one pathway of human trafficking.

Australia should uphold principles of justice and fairness.  Australia should seek workers through a well-resourced and fair migration program.

ILPS Australia urges member organisations to support all migrant workers and trade union campaigns to defend their rights, including equal pay, Medicare and the same conditions enjoyed by all other workers.

Whilst the above decisions of the 4th National Conference represent some of the priorities for the period ahead, we will continue to champion all state and national struggles of the people in Australia against attacks on their working conditions and social conditions and attacks on their human and democratic rights.

In the final analysis these vitally important struggles of the people will develop and need to develop into an ever growing movement for fundamental change to the current social system away from the profit motive, based on the interests of a few owners of capital, to a system of social ownership of the means of production by the overwhelming majority.

Such a system is the only long term guarantee that the current massive problems of the people will be resolved in their interests.

Long live the growing unity of the worlds’ people against imperialism!

Long live international solidarity!

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