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Who runs Australia?


The following article was a leaflet produced by Spirit of Eureka, NSW and handed out to the crowds attending both the March 4 Union and the national March in March Rallies in Sydney, opposing the LNP’s attacks on peoples’ rights’.

Only CEOs from Australia’s biggest corporations can join the Business Council of Australia (BCA). You didn’t vote for them. Nobody did. But they set the agenda.


• Let’s defend and improve Medicare – universal healthcare, not import a not user-pays US-style medical system

• Let’s fund schools, TAFE and unis, not lump kids with huge debts

• Let’s expand public transport, not build more private toll-roads

• Then invest in affordable housing, not subsidise mortgage peddlers

• Defend penalty rates and decent wages, not Gina’s $2 an hour threat

• Defend workers’ rights and demand back the right to organise on-site meetings

• And fight the secret TPP agreement compromising Australia’s sovereignty

People before profits! Australia for the people!

Look! Here’s some cash to plug the budget black hole

Global Seaborne

The mining boom’s peaked but it ain’t over yet folks – how about we tax the billions being made from our ore and stop squeezing the sick, the old, the young, the poor?

                                          Australia’s Foreign Exchange Turnover

Australia's Foreign Exchange Turnover
                                            Semi-Annual Report on ForEx Turnover, Oct 2014.

Big banks & finance houses make billions in currency trades while dodging taxes. Taxing them just 0.1% on ForEx, would give us $50 billion a year on the $50 trillion traded, and this does not include derivatives trading.

Abbott’s budget cuts come direct from ex-BCA chief Tony Shepherd’s Commission of Audit. Instead of taking orders from the richest 100 companies, let’s crack down on their tax-dodging and build a better future.

Let’s fight for an Independent Australia that puts people first not the giant multinationals!

Politicians come and go, but the BCA continues.

Tony Abbott’s budget cuts come direct from ex-BCA chief Bruce Shepherd’s Commission of Audit, while current boss Jennifer Westacott wants 10 more years of ‘discipline’. They’ll still dump Abbott, but won’t touch the $4.5 billion taxpayer subsidies to foreign owned mining corporation or their 3.4% tax rate.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ BHP-Billiton, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola Amatil, Deutshe Bank, Exxon Mobil, Foxtel, MacDonald’s, Microsoft, Rio Tinto…Do these giant multinationals give a damn about our kids, our old or our sick? Or about their profits?

Australia for the people!

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