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Give Santa the Sack

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Santa satire by Lyn Longo

To all our readers and supporters enjoy the summer break!

Here are ten reasons why the big, bearded man should receive his “pink slip.”

Santa Satire.JPG - 92.77 KB

1.   Enforcing inequity: Rudolph is always the leader.

2.   Sexism: How many important women feature in the Santa Claus story?

3.   Prejudice: Haven’t seen many Black or Asian characters around him.

4.   Slavery: Just what sort of wages and conditions are provided for those elves?

5.   Poor role model: Well he is not promoting a healthy lifestyle.

6.   False advertising: How many tears are shed when the recipients of those massively promoted toys fall short of expectations or break.

7.   Contamination: Dispensing all those toxic plastic toys that need dozens of batteries definitely adds to the destruction of the planet.

8.   Noise Pollution: Subjecting us to the plethora of nauseating “feel good” movies in the lead-up to Christmas.

9.   Property damage: I can’t imagine a fully laden sleigh and all those reindeers is good for one’s roof.

10. Capitalist exploitation: Colluding with such organisations as Amazon to fleece hard-working parents.

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