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Venezuelan Revolution Lives On


ChavezThe Spirit of Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution lives!

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez passed away recently as a result of cancer, which he fought for almost 2 years. He was the much loved, popularly-elected leader of his nation who achieved an enormous amount for the Venezuelan people. That is why the Venezuelan masses chant, “We created Chavez, we are all Chavez!” at memorial meetings throughout the country for their deceased leader.

This people’s hero oversaw the nationalisation of the country’s oil wealth, the breaking of the US’s dominance and exploitation of the Venezuelan economy; which lead to hostility from Venezuelan business elites, US and Western multinationals and governments whose corrupt exploitation he put a stop to.

His Bolivarian revolution (named after Simon Bolivarian, a 19th century Venezuelan leader who won Venezuela’s and a number of other Latin American countries their independence from Spain) implemented such things as communal councils and worker managed factories where participatory democracy worked for ordinary people and not the rich; whose powerful financial and economic influence over Venezuelan society was broken up! Other important achievements were the poor receiving free and universal education and health care which wasn’t available under the old US aligned governments. Currently a significant start has been made to alleviate housing shortages for the poorest.

This was too much for the reactionaries who tried to overthrow Chavez in a coup in 2002. The poor and soldiers from the Bolivarian Army rose up and rescued Chavez from the US supported Venezuelan right wingers.

Whilst his death is a tragic loss for the Venezuelan workers and poor, the achievements of his Bolivarian revolutionary republic are now so entrenched they are sure to survive and strengthen. His and the Venezuelan people’s efforts is an inspiration to the people of the world and for those Australians who want to see in the future a Eureka Republic.


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