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As mothers write names on tiny arms Australia is at war with Palestine

by Spirit of Eureka – National (a leaflet given out in capital cities protesting the brutal invasion of Gaza by Israel)

BECAUSE, as in Iraq, US satellites use US Pine Gap war base to guide missiles and drones from Australia.

Like Israel, we’re told Australia is a ‘democracy’. But 94 percent of Australians opposed the invasion of Iraq. A million marched. Where was ‘democracy’ when John Howard declared war?

US corporations dominate every key Australian industry. Protecting their profits dominates every Australian parliament.

Australian ‘democracy’ is for US corporations. Australian ‘democracy’ is for US billionaires. Australian ‘democracy’ is for giant war corporations, BAE systems, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Thales. WE SAY NO!

In our millions, we honour Palestinian resistance. We honour Arab resistance. We honour First Peoples, whose armed struggle lasted 150 years, and whose resistance has never ended. As truth opens eyes, protests shake Australia’s lies.

Endless US wars
In World War Two, communists & patriots fought Japanese invaders across Asia. After it, old Dutch, British, French masters & US occupiers invaded again. Liberal governments ALWAYS supported these old invaders.

In 1965-66 US Ambassador Marshall Green launched a CIA coup that massacred between 500,000 & two million Indonesians. Most were communist Muslims or Balinese Hindus. Australia’s government applauded. In 1973 Green became US Ambassador here. He organised to overthrow Whitlam’s Government.

Coalition governments sent our young soldiers to die for the USA in EVERY war. Like Zionist Hawke before him, gutless Albanese prepares to join them.

Or peoples’ liberation?
Power is won in action. On social media, at work, in clubs, neighbourhoods, and families, with those who disagree or are silent, our arms marked with names, listening first so we understand where others stand … We must speak for Palestine.

We support the Greens’ widely circulated demands, and add these:

Close Pine Gap!
Australian military home now!

The Eureka flag has shone in workers’ struggles for 170 years. Alongside the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, it symbolises independence from British colonialism and US imperialism.

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